Shooting in Mexico: The Producers’ Take

A production is always full of trials and tribulations, but here in Mexico its generally full of celebration and memories to last a lifetime.

Each facet of our production teams are uniquely trained to tackle the best moments and the fiercest challenges to make great work. Fuad Abed and Magali Sagarra are two of our go-to producers, with portfolios showing an unparalleled expertise in shooting for foreign production companies. We are privileged every chance we get to work with them.

We sat down with both of these producers to talk about what it’s actually like to shoot here in Mexico, why your expectations might be false and some of the challenges that arise along the way.

What are your favorite projects that you have produced in Mexico?

Fuad: Everything! Every project has its rewards. From shooting in a remote beach in Puerto Vallarta with Los Perez, to doing a 5 day shoot in a stage.

Magali: I really enjoy what I do. Every single project gives me some new knowledge and the opportunity to know and collaborate with great people from all around the world. I could mention so many of them, but just to mention some I’d say:
-CPTM campaigns, since they had a very complex strategy and logistic, and at the same time gave me the chance to advertise this lovely country.
-Destiny, since I had the chance to work for a first level foreign crew involving all departments.
-Outlaws, because it was such an experience.

Given that you have so much experience shooting in Mexico for foreign production companies, what is one thing (or a few things) you think people should know about shooting in Mexico?

Fuad: It’s easy and fun! I think the professional level of the crew, and the country’s hospitality is a great mixture. Also, it’s just a short flight away.

Magali: -We are very flexible and transparent.
-We have hardworking and dedicated crews.
-We have mostly all kinds of landscapes and ambients.
-The country is safe.

Where are your favorite places to shoot (in the city or outside of it)?

Fuad: Puerto Vallarta and Tulum! I love the beach! But the city has some amazing places as well.

Magali: Beach, jungle, desert, woods, cities, I like them all.

What are some of the unique challenges or benefits you think to filming in Mexico?

Fuad: Again, it’s fun and easy. Every project has its own challenge, but I think you can get away with a lot more here. From shooting on one of the main streets in Mexico like Reforma, to having a band playing outside of the window for on a 25th floor…

If you want to do it… it’s possible.

Magali: Excellency is our main challenge. Bring all the resources to the screen and having our clients happy is our main goal. Getting the same production quality than everywhere around the world but way cheaper is the biggest benefit.

Anything else we didn’t cover?

Magali: I would just like to thank Avelino and The Lift for trusting me. I really think that by far it’s the best production service company in Mexico and I love to be part of it. Whoever wants to assure good quality, price and service, just need to contact us, we will make sure to deliver happiness.