Los Perez paints a dystopian, dehydrated world for Ciel starring Karla Souza

Karla Souza stars in Los Perez’s latest that gives a whole new name to epic filmmaking for Ciel, out of Pereira O’Dell.

Mad Max vibes reign supreme in this dystopian environment, with our star Karla Souza playing herself, only not quite as on point as normal. The reason? Dehydration by way of a lack of Ciel in her life and the results are gloriously disastrous.

The incredibly fun and fast-paced film, “An Evil Thirst,” mirrored the experience on set. With many of the effects happening in live action, it made for an adventure-packed shoot outside of Mexico City, best captured in our behind-the-scenes stills below. It was also our first time working with superstar actress Karla Souza, who stars in How to Get Away with Murder, and when paired with the enigmatic minds of Los Perez, there was quite simply movie magic.

Watch the spot above, and don’t forget to stay hydrated with Ciel.