The madness continues as Martin de Thurah strikes oil for StubHub

“Festival,” the second part of Martin de Thurah’s StubHub campaign out of Goodby Silverstein and Partners has arrived, and it’s as delightful as the apocalyptic “Machines” is daunting.

From Epoch Films, “Festival” follows a couple who meet at a show, and their ensuing romance, from marriage to building a life together, to ultimately unimaginable fortune. And how did it all start? With a night out at a show courtesy of StubHub.

The spot is hyperbolic, hyper-saturated, and totally enthralling, which we’ve come to expect from the brilliant mind of Martin de Thurah. While part one dealt with man versus machine, “Festival” will leave you with a musical number, a sweet romance, and a sense that you too have struck gold.

We shot the wedding and oil scenes in a hacienda close to a small town called Ayapango in the state of Mexico, about an hour outside of Mexico City. Those incredible dancing scenes were left for our local stages at Chrubusco.

Check out the behind-the-scenes gallery below for a look at how we blew up Mexico City in the apocalypse, and then made it splendidly rain oil for this campaign.