Martin de Thurah gets epic with Audi

Martin de Thurah and Epoch Films are back at it again—this time with an incredible spot for Audi that we shot together a few months back.

Titled “Final Breath,” the commercial features Audi’s 2018 RS 5 Coupe and tells the tale of a man on his deathbed who has come to terms with his dwindling days. As he tells his family of the many adventures he has lived, the spot transforms into a visual wonder. Finally, the man feels ready—that is, until, he hears the rev of the RS 5 Coupe out on his driveway.

Bringing the scenes to life made it a thrilling spot to shoot, and the project gave us yet another opportunity to work with some of our favorite creative collaborators: Epoch, de Thurah, as well as the Director of Photography Kasper Tuxen.

Check out some behind the scenes photos, below!