Dispatches from CDMX: Parcela

To know Mexico City is to experience the cornerstone of our culture here: the cuisine. As part celebration and part education, we’re introducing a new series dedicated to covering our favorite restaurant hot spots in and around the city. First up? Parcela.

The deeper concept behind Parcela—which translates to plot—lies in the definition of the name: a piece of land that is worked for a specific use. For Parcela, that specific use means creating a space in the middle of the city where people can come together to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Dedicated to creating this specific type of space, the creators of Parcela refused to build a large building when they demolished the old rodeo structure that once stood in its place. Instead, they focused on crafting an open space that honed in on particular feelings and moments that make the restaurant feel akin to a family gathering; Parcela aims to envelop guests in the spirit of the backyard where friends and families are brought together over the grill, food, and drinks.

If you think their genesis story is awesome, just wait until you try the food. The menu continues to play off of this idea around the grill uniting people, utilizing fresh and seasonal ingredients to make food that’s meant to be enjoyed outdoors. It’s all about taking traditional dishes and presenting them in a way that’s unique. The cherry on top to their delicious menu is a lineup of refreshing and simple cocktails that bring the whole dining experience together.

Parcela is an oasis and reprieve, a place to go to escape the non-stop energy and pace of life that is an intrinsic part of Mexico City. Stepping through the door is stepping into another world.

What now? Check out some of their menu items, below, and then head straight to Parcela. We’ll be waiting at the bar!