From Our Friends: Ian Pons Jewell’s “Christmas Fool”

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the holiday season and the many merry spots that come with it. Leading the charge is “Christmas Fool,” a whimsical wonder directed by our friend Ian Pons Jewell.

The Christmas spot for Argos blends holiday spirit with a bit of CGI creative, capturing the story of an imagined “fool” who is wreaking havoc on one holiday moment to the next. Chaos ensues until Argos steps in, working their magic to fool-proof your Christmas.

Working alongside those at FRIEND and the VFX experts at Time Based Arts, Ian collaborated with various artists to develop the fool character that ultimately brought the film to life. From beginning images to the final finish, the entire process showcases the many creative minds that work together to tell a story. Ian shared some images from the drawing table of his first foray into the world of CGI. Enjoy!

Check out the first character development images by Andrew Brooks.

And click through TROU’s take on Andrew Brook’s design.