Behind The Spot: Audi + Magali Sagarra

From securing seemingly impossible locations to arranging stunts that defeat all odds, each project we work on is another opportunity to go above and beyond in the world of production.

Our latest work for Audi is no exception. We got the chance to chat with one of The Lift’s top producers, Magali Sagarra, who took a break from her busy schedule working on yet another exciting yet challenging project (trust us when we say it’s incredibly cool) to tell us more about the production machinations in creating the alluring Audi spots.

The underground stronghold of Audi really brings the spot to life. How did you go about finding/choosing the location? What role do you think this particular location plays in crafting the spot?

This was a big location delivery, and the process in finding the location was a bit exhausting. We didn’t have a whole treatment prior to finding the final spot, and instead used references of abstract places to guide our search.

The brief was to find unique locations that gave the viewers a sense of mystique—they had to feel illusive. We saw at least 25 places that ranged from convention centers, parking lots, and so much more before picking out the one that we shot at.

The spot features fire, snow, and so much more. What was that process like in bringing it all together?

Most of the effects we see in the spots are real effects. We hired the best special effects guy in Mexico to help us bring it all to life, completing several tests and sending samples to Henry. We really wanted to achieve the imagined effects while shooting, which made the entire shoot an exciting experience.

What was the most exciting part of the shoot?

It was very cool to be in the same place where they were assembling components of the car. They had this arm teaching the seats how to move, working in sync with specific choreography set to classical music.

On the very first day of shooting we had the scene with the car in the forest with lasers all around, and it was such a cool moment to shoot. We had to raise the car with a crane and put support underneath, and then used 20 lasers and countless mirrors; the lasers were bouncing off of mirrors in a way that enabled us to elevate the number of lasers seen in the shot. Crew members even had to wear certain glasses for safety!

How does the Audi spot speak to the larger ethos of The Lift?

The production value reflects exactly what Audi and the entire team was trying to get across in both the visual story and overall messaging, and that’s something we always strive to achieve. We empower the creativity of the director and do all that we can to bring their vision to life. From the specific location to the crazy effects, we never let a challenge get in our way. Whether it’s in the Audi spot or any other project we touch, we tackle any want or need and make it happen.

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