A look at two architectural wonders within our city

From iconic spaces that are true relics of the past to modern monuments that reinvent aesthetic, the buildings that make up Mexico City are anything but ordinary.

Whether we’re searching for a specific location to amplify a shoot or simply want to explore our city, there is no shortage of rich and interesting architecture all around. Two of our favorites? Fundación Mier y Pesado (Mier and Pesado Foundation) and Edificio Ermita (Ermita Building).

Fundación Mier y Pesado is both a school and a foundation that is dedicated to helping children and the elderly—and it also happens to be one of Mexico City’s most important architectural jewels. With grand entryways, marvelous spaces filled with light, and a historical feel, the Fundación Mier y Pesado building plays host to countless film and commercial shoots, bringing each project to life in a unique way.

Edificio Ermita stands in the city as a powerful piece of architecture. Designed with Art Deco inspirations, Edificio Ermita is home to businesses, a theatre, and an apartment complex—a variety of uses that speak to the importance and profundity of the building.

And here’s a fun fact: both Fundación Mier y Pesado and Edificio Ermita were designed by the famed Mexican architect, Juan Segura Gutiérrez, who brought our city numerous architectural favorites.

Check out some images of both buildings below! And who knows: perhaps inspiration will hit and you’ll be on the next plane to Mexico City.

PC: Ernesto Ryan.