Wrapping up 2018 with a location wonder

2018 was quite the year for all of us here at The Lift. From mind-bending projects with collaborators new and old to exciting ventures within the industry, we continuously brought the best creative visions out into the world while redefining what it truly means to work in production.

We can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to 2018 than with a spotlight on one of the most entrancing locations that makes Mexico City the place to create: Nevado de Toluca. Consider it a holiday present from us to you!

Nevado de Toluca is a stratovolcano near the city of Toluca that is cited as the fourth highest peak in Mexico. The volcano’s caldera summit is 1.5-kilometres wide and the highest summit reaches 4,680-metres. Embedded within the peaks are two crater lakes—Lago del Sol (Sun Lake) and Lago de la Luna (Moon Lake). Bottom line: there’s so much to explore in and around Nevado de Toluca.

The national park boasts 18 registered archeological sites due to the fact that the site was used as a ritual center during pre-Hispanic periods, rendering it a relic of the past as well as a creative playground for the future.

With wondrous views and never-ending landscapes, Nevado de Toluca is a truly special location to shoot projects of any size. We got the chance to explore the space when we worked on a spot for HP a few years back. With a title like “Going Epic” it’s no surprise we ended up shooting at one of the most epic spots around. Check out the HP spot above and read more about that exciting project right here. Nevado de Toluca is not just a location; it’s a space that captures the spirit of endless creation. Take in the snapshots of Nevado de Toluca (below) and get fired up for 2019—it’s going to be one of the best yet!