Showcasing the joys in life with milk

Milk is more than a beverage; it’s an entry point to lasting memories. Our latest project we worked on for the very beverage was fueled by the focus of life’s moments made possible with milk.

We teamed up with Greenpoint Pictures and directing powerhouse The Hudson Dusters to create two spots—”Love What’s Real” and “The World is Yours”—that showcase the adventures, experiences, and pursuits that come to life when you’ve got milk. From family-filled days to epic dance scenes backed by grit, each spot is packed with energy and an undeniable spirit—qualities that shine through with the expert help from one of our producers, Helena Medina, who guided the project from one end to the next in order to unlock every inch of creativity throughout each scene.

The first spot weaves together scenes of kids chasing dreams and conquering feats. From dirt biking and hitting a home run to kicking off a swing to fly in the sky and dancing with an energy that’s hard to ignore, the spot combines power and play to end on an empowering note: the world is yours when you’ve got milk. While backed by a similar narrative, the second spot shifts the focus to a message of love and determination. From family moments in the kitchen to poolside fun, it is a reminder that the things we love most in life are the things that really matter.

Check out some of our favorite behind-the-scenes shots below!