Bringing a playful voice to Vimeo

Vimeo can do a lot of things: entertain, educate, and transport you to another world. But when it all comes down to it, what Vimeo truly helps you with is…your videos. In a recent campaign we worked on for the video platform, we worked to capture this modicum of truth with a punch of personality. The end result? 14 brand films unlike any other.

Led by The Lift producer Fuad Abed Dalton, we teamed up with Arts & Sciences and director Alex Prager to tell tales that varied in hilarity and relatability in order to showcase the playful personality of Vimeo while simultaneously speaking to the platform’s purpose.

From a sticky situation on the subway to a hilarious moment inside a movie theatre, each film brings viewers into a distinct, colorful, quirky, and entirely unique world that is in line with Vimeo’s own brand narrative—they’ve got spunk and storytelling prowess; they’re not afraid to get some laughs and, most importantly, they enable these exact types of creative works to come together and be shared with the world. As a direct result of this surging energy of creativity, the shoot brought us all around the city, working on-location and across sets to bring each scene to life.

Explore some of our moments from the shoot, below, and check out all 14 films right here. We’ll be sharing some fun stories from behind-the-scenes soon, so stay tuned!