Ciclope Festival is on our minds

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Ciclope Festival. With events and iterations around the world, Ciclope is the ultimate celebration of the dedication to craft and the exceptional work that come from it within the industry.

Ciclope Latino is just around the corner and we can hardly wait. But here’s some good news while we eagerly await Ciclope Latino: we’re headed to Ciclope US next week, touching down in Los Angeles to immerse ourselves in the latest and greatest in advertising, film, and the art of the moving image. From commercials to music videos, Ciclope US brings together the best works of the year as the directors, creatives, producers, musicians, and advertisers behind the imaginative projects share their inspiration, process, and so much more.

Once we’re back from Los Angeles, we’ll be kicking into high gear in anticipation of the creative community descending upon Mexico City on May 29th.

Eager for more Ciclope? Check out our musings from last year’s Festival Ciclope Latino here and our recap from Ciclope International here. And be sure to dive into the 2018 highlights by watching the film below!