Redefining the Ritas label

As delicious as they are, Ritas have been called it all. Sweet, basic, gross—say what you want, Ritas—and those who drink them—will never apologize for all that they are.

When it came to capturing this spirit in a recent spot for the brand, we honed in on both the confident and powerful individuals and moments that reflect the essence of Ritas. Driven by the call to #NeverApologize, from the classic Lime-a-Rita to the irresistible Straw-ber-Rita, every Rita that fills the screen takes on each label with zero abandon. Gross? How about grossly underestimate. Basic? That’s basic boss.

Working with Greenpoint Pictures, producers Natalia Casanova and Mao Padilla brought the ethos of The Lift to the entire production to make sure every detail and element of exuberance came through from start to finish. Lauren Sick lent her directorial expertise to the lively spot, weaving together a punchy narrative that distills that intrinsic sense of empowerment that comes from the Ritas can.

From rooftop party scenes to dance floor moments where women own every moment, we worked to cultivate the perfect cast, set of locations, and so much more that showcase what Ritas stands for.