HP let’s you hang however

Life isn’t static, and that means your laptop shouldn’t be either. Whether you’re stretched out on the couch, draped over the carpeted floor, or situated in whichever way you see fit, HP’s x360 laptop gives you that freedom to move.

When it came to showcasing HP’s x360 and its unique 360° hinge, we worked to create a spot that was as fluid and fun as the laptop itself.

We had the chance to work with one of our favorite creative counterparts, RESET Content, as well as director Adam Hashemi and producer Pete Vitale, with Magali Sagarra and Fuad Abed rounding out the production unit on our side.

While this spot brought us through a variety of sets, it was incredibly focused on the individuals who use the x360. We cultivated a cast of individuals who embodied the candor and ease of HP’s product; from close friends typing away to an inseparable couple deep in their computer daze, the spot comes together thanks to the dynamic and diverse people within each frame.

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of the shoot, below!