Ready for anything with Dockers

In a recent spot for Dockers, we went all in with the action to tell a story we can all relate to: racing to fill that parking meter up before it’s too late.

This project was fast-paced from the beginning, as the production took us through bustling streets, happening eateries, and the entirety of the city to show off the mobile and agile Dockers Smart 360 Flex Khaki pants.

We had the chance to collaborate yet again with the creative team at Skunk US, with The Lift’s Magali Sagarra working alongside producer Christopher Cho and director Greg Brunkalla.

There were numerous production factors that came into play for this shoot: gathering a cast of characters to fill the frames, planning vast scenes that covered blocks, and capturing the action while never losing site of the Dockers tag darting through the city. The finished product is a high-energy spot that is a thrill from beginning to end.