Doing the unthinkable with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold

When you have your hands on Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold, there’s truly no telling what’s possible. In a recent project for the smartphone brand, we used our production power to bring it all to life.

Fuad Abed worked with director Sebastian Strasser, producer Steve Fredricksz, and Radical Media to create three spots that capture the revolutionary features that make up the Galaxy Fold—Display, Multitasking, and Cameras.

Using the Galaxy Fold as the ultimate prop and locus point, we looked to the streets and spaces in and around Mexico City to showcase the unlimited potential of the new phone.

From busy subway moments made better with the Fold’s compact display that makes on-the-go connection a breeze to immersive adventures where photography is filled with vibrancy, we partnered with the team to create shots and possibilities to match the power of the Galaxy Fold.