“An Awesome Book of Love”

Director Yael Staav | Production Co. Furlined

Inspired by the words of Dallas Clayton, this heart-warming short film directed by Yael Staav narrates different stories in which love is the hero. This film portrays emotional bonds like motherly and brotherly love, as well as love in young and old couples.

L.A. based production company Furlined was in charge of the production, which was shot in several countries: the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The story shot in Mexico tells the tale of a mother saying goodbye to his son, who’s leaving home to do military service. We spent one day filming in the painteresque neighborhood of Santa María la Ribera, in the center of Mexico City. This area is one of the first neighborhoods built in the city and it offers a variety of architecture with bold personality, from old mansions with great historic value to poorer residential developments with lots of texture and interesting looks.

Thanks Yael & Furlined for trusting us with such a great project, we love having you here with us!

Behind The Scenes