Cadbury “Trucks”

Director Juan Cabral | Production Co. Blink | Agency Fallon London

It was exciting times ahead when we got a call from the London based production company Blink to produce the follow-up of Cadbury’s award-winning “Gorilla”. “Trucks” was a super fun script that implied lots of challenges, pimped airport vehicles, top precision drivers, a big crew, lots of equipment, effects and closing down a local airport for ten nights!

This extraordinary Fallon London commercial was thrilling to produce, teamwork was the name of the game and in what better way than with a bunch of super talented people commanded by director Juan Cabral and Executive Producer James Studholme.

We are honored to be part of this project, a big thank you to all our friends at Blink for sending it our way, it is definitely staying in our reel for long!


Behind The Scenes