Feist “The Bad in Each Other”

Director Martin de Thurah | Production Co. A+ / Academy Films | Record Label Polydor / Universal Music France

Martin De Thurah’s love affair with Mexico began with him filming Canadian singer-songwriter Feist music video “The Bad in Each Other”. The project was a collaboration between London based production company A+ / Academy Films and The Lift.

This project was Martin’s baptism of fire in Mexico because of the amount of detail that not only went into scouting ideal locations but finding the perfect cast to transmit the specific moods of the video’s different stories. This was pulled off masterfully by De Thurah’s intuitive mind. Danish Director of Photography Kasper Tuxen was in charge of the exquisite cinematography. It was thrilling to watch such a talented and versatile DP at work.

A huge thank you to Martin & A+ / Academy Films for such an amazing opportunity, we had a great time shooting this video. It is an honor that someone as talented as Martin is keen on Mexico’s uniqueness. He loves working here and we love having him here.