Robyn & Röyksopp “Do it again”

Director Martin de Thurah | Production Co. The Lift Mexico | Record Label Universal Music | D-E-F | Dog Triumph

Once more into the breach dear friends.

Earthquakes and fires would witness our journey into this epic production shot in three days in Mexico’s hidden haciendas, out-of-this-earth nature and the surreal streets of the Pachuca slums.

With this film, Martin taps into our inner-most secret desires, it’s about standing up for what you believe no matter the circumstances.

The film also features over a dozen actors from all over the world including Mexico, Spain and Brazil and was shot by the talented Alexis Zabe.

This marks the first time The Lift carries out a project for Martin de Thurah handling 100% of the production.

Without a doubt one of the most challenging productions we have faced.

Behind The Scenes