“The Skater”

Director Martin de Thurah | Production Co. Henry de Czar | Agency Les Gaulois

Henry de Czar and The Lift’s first collaboration brings to life two films directed by Martin De Thurah for the well known Societé Francaise du Radiotelephone (SFR). The creativity was in charge of French agency, Les Gaulois.

One of the biggest challenges of filming these SFR commercials was finding European looking locations that would transmit an urban diversity and, at the same time, the lush green of the suburbs. It was very cool to watch pro skater Ben Nordberg sliding through different areas of Mexico City under De Thurah’s outstanding direction and Kasper Tuxen’s extraordinary cinematography. This is Martin’s first work after winning the Directors Guild of America “Best Commercial Director” award and we are proud and honored to be part of it!

Behind The Scenes