Director Vesa Manninen | Production Co. RESET | Agency McKinney

Travelocity’s “Go & Smell The Roses” campaign was without a doubt one of the biggest production challenges of the year. The creativity implied around the world locations which had to be shot in one country, so we took advantage of Mexico’s great location diversity.

This five day shoot involved lots of equipment, a helicopter, visual effects, lots of multiethnic casting and traveling various kilometers to locations scattered in different States of the country.

Created by ad agency McKinney and extraordinarily executed by Finnish director Vesa Manninen from the L.A. based production company, RESET, this witty campaign features it’s unique principal character enjoying life around the globe. Whether enjoying festivities in China or India, doing extreme sports like rafting, parachuting, snowboarding or dodging bulls in awesome landscapes or simply relaxing in a paradisiac beach, our favorite gnome experiences the best things the world has to offer.

Who would have imagined Vesa beginning his journey in Finland and ending it running with bulls in the streets of Xico! Thank you Vesa, Jeff & all our friends at RESET for making us part of this super fun and adventurous project!

Behind The Scenes