From Our Friends: Partizan’s Sing J Lee’s colors pink landscapes for Birdy

Partizan’s Sing J Lee is shaking up the world of music videos and branded content.

The wunderkind director comes with a background in music and education in film to take the creative world by the horns. He’s directed videos for the likes of Muse, Charli XCX, Chvrches, Pharrell, and Years & Years. His branded content includes forward-thinking clients like Adidas, G-Star RAW, and the British Council. This work has earned him nominations at the MTV VMAs and Brit Awards.

His music video for Birdy and Rhodes for “Let It All Go” earned the director acclaim. “Sing J Lee has delivered this ethereal, beautified vision in pink of the great outdoors. It sees singers Rhodes and Birdy performing a melancholic duet in a magical place, where the flora is pink and the sky is decked in stars yet remains blue,” writes PromoNews. 1.4 included the video in their Six Best Creative Music Videos, and in an interview with Word is Cheap, Lee discussed his inspiration, “This earnestness from Birdy and Rhodes was important, as the song is very sentimental and heartfelt. At the same time, I always imagined this duet exchanged like a dialogue between a couple who are separating, and this conversation triggers huge washes of emotions in their minds, all these abstract memories and feelings becoming overwhelming as they speak to each other. In our video, it manifests itself in the environment around them, they talk of a time that was once theirs, and so this world should feel like no other, but darkness and turmoil rolls in. When they conclude their conversation and finally move on from one another, this world they inhabited eventually fades away into a normal, quiet place.”

Watch the cinematic music video above.