RESET Content’s Adam Hashemi has us sipping Stella Artois Cidre

It’s a charming dance in the park with RESET Content’s Adam Hashemi in a new spot for Stella Artois’ Cidre out of MOTHER.

Stella Artois launches their own recipe of Cidre – not cider – in this spot that feels at once nostalgic, romantic, and charmingly fun. To borrow a sentence from Le President, “this is an elixir so superb, so splendid, it is quite simply magnifique.”

We were excited to team up again with RESET Content, this time with the brilliant Adam Hashemi for this shoot in Tlaltizapán in Morelos. Enjoy the saturated colors and delightful whimsy of this campaign along with our behind-the-scenes captures below, best served with some Stella Artois Cidre on the side.