Capturing Halsey in Mexico City with Partizan’s Sing J. Lee

Celebrated a co-direction between the singer who gained worldwide acclaim from her Chainsmokers collaboration “Closer” and Partizan’s Sing J. Lee, we’re excited to present “Now or Never.”

Unlike Halsey’s last pop-centric hit, “Now or Never” takes an r&b queue, perhaps an exciting look at what’s to come with her second album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. In the video, we see a blue-haired Halsey and her love interest, trying to be with each other against all odds – including gangs of ruffians tasked with driving them apart. There’s a touch of mysticism, car chases, shoot outs, incredible costumery, and a thrilling journey around Mexico City set against the new track.

The video precedes the June 2nd release of Halsey’s new album, and this narrative plays as a key component to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’s story. “On its own, the song is about two impatient young lovers,” Halsey said in a statement. “But in the context of the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom universe, the stakes are much higher for these two star-crossed lovers.”