The APA hands out its yearly honors at Guildhall

The APA Show in London concludes an epic week, handing out honors to some of the best work out of the UK market.

We were excited to attend the event and celebrate so many of our friends and collaborators we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years in Mexico including RSA, Furlined, Rattling Stick, Somesuch, Academy Films, Blink, Friend, Biscuit, Knucklehead, and Smuggler. Now in London, we had the chance to honor a year of excellence, with many familiar names picking up nods.

Among the awarded were:

RSA for “Never Follow” directed by Adam Smith for Adidas
Furlined’s Dougal Wilson directed an Apple campaign entitled “Barber Shop” (see above)
Rattling Stick picked up a few nods, including Audi “Duel” by Ringan Ledwidge as well as his “Last Days” for Jose Cuervo, and Sara Dunlop’s “Believe in Me” for Barnados
Somesuch’s Sam Hibbard directed “Tiny Whale” for Babbel
Martin de Thurah’s “For Owning the Dance Floor” for Bupa out of Academy Films
Blink picked up a few nominations as well, including Noah Harris’ “We’ve got the power” for Eon, Dougal Wilson’s “Buster the Boxer” for John Lewis, and The Bobsey Twins’ “The Broadcast” for Thinkbox
Our good friend Ian Pons Jewell won through production company Friend, for “I love doing dishes” for Finish
Wanda and Academy Films’ Seb Edwards directed “Timeless” for Lacoste
Recent collaborator of The Lift Clay Weiner at Biscuit Filmworks work with Maltesers, “New Boyfriend”
Knucklehead’s Tony Barry directed “Madness” for McDonald’s McCafe
Smuggler’s Miles Jay directed “John Malkovich” campaign for Squarespace

Congratulations to all of the honorees!