Avelino Rodriguez and 24/7’s Ivo van Vollenhoven interviewed on DAVID REVIEWS podcast on production service

DAVID Reviews is a fixture of the advertising community, reviewing and lending commentary to the latest and greatest spots across industries.

The David Reviews podcast is quite simply, as per its own description, “people talking about advertising.” On the latest episode, Jason Stone (editor on the site) sat down with Jeremy Barnes of Palma Pictures, LS Productions’ Marie Owen, 24/7’s Ivo van Vollenhoven, and our very own Avelino Rodríguez to discuss the service production industry.

Jason begins the conversation around global competition in production service, and the high standards across the world. In talking about the points of difference for people looking to come to Mexico, Avelino notes security and how people are amazed by their time in Mexico: “People are always like, ‘I never imagined that this is how Mexico looks, and we are the biggest city that’s closest to LA or to New York, and we are closer in between them. We can get a lot of equipment coming from there. And we have an industry of service that’s coming back from the ‘50s, when we used to do movies for the US industry when they were in the second World War. So we had kind of a Gold Rush back in the day of a film industry that has been always standardized with the American industry. So since then we’ve been serving big movies and big commercials.”

Avelino highlights the incredible caliber of crew, the non-union status, the creative freedom, and moreover the incredible standards in service offered by The Lift in being a decisive factor of success here in Mexico. Listen to the full podcast here.