A secret paradise in Mexico City for Corona and Wieden+Kennedy

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam created a “hyper sensorial immersive VR paradise” within the urban landscape of Mexico City for Corona.

We shot the film that showcases the VR experience, which “combined theatrics, VR technology and interactive set design to immerse visitors into a natural mirage – alluring them away from the stresses of urban reality and pulling them into a secret paradise.”

It’s no coincidence that Mexico City was selected as the location for this experience. Not only do we have the production prowess to tackle this ambitious endeavor, but as one of the most populated cities in the world, CDMX provides the perfect setting with which to retreat to a lush sensorial visual reality made possible by W+K Amsterdam and The Mill London. Paraiso Secreto was held ove the course of two weekends at General Prim in Mexico City, and guests included over 3000 people and local influencers, all drawn to the mystery of these nature-driven virtual moments.

This marks just another in a long-standing list of fantastic collaborations between us and Corona. Last year included “Lime Ritual” from Park Pictures’ Christian Weber (also out of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam) as well as “Window Concert” directed by Mathias Hovgaard, a co-production of The Lift and Sequoia.