Watch our own Tomas Whitmore’s Ciclope award-winning music video

Tomás Whitmore took home honors in Best Music Video – Cinematography at the Ciclope Festival in Berlin.

With cinematography by Drew Bienemann, “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)” from K’naan came off the much acclaimed Hamilton Mixtape, released after the ultra-popular Broadway show of the same name. The album includes various covers and remixes of the musical hit, with this song in particular – and it’s corresponding music video – gaining attention for the timely political themes it challenges.

As Tomás told BuzzFeed, “Within the political climate and all the xenophobia that’s persisting within the conversation, it felt like a really unique opportunity to give a voice to the immigrant narrative, and to shine a spotlight on, as the song says, ‘America’s ghost writers’ — a lot of people that make this country great and that we don’t often get to see in mainstream media.”

Watch the video above. Tomás is part of The Lift’s roster. View his reel here.