Ian Pons Jewell gives character to GrubHub

Shot here in Mexico City, Ian Pons Jewell brings style and character to everyone’s favorite meal delivery service.

In collaboration with RESET Content, the spot gives purpose to its brand statement, “delivering from restaurants everywhere so you don’t have to go anywhere.” Our GrubHub delivery man travels near and far, scouring the best of foods to some of the strangest of locations in this charming campaign that will have you ready to order your next meal.

We loved shooting again with Ian, who considers Mexico his second home. The shoot was a fun challenge, as we staged many local spaces to easily look like they could be anywhere in the US, and sourced just the perfect red car to fit in with the look and feel of the overall narrative – not to mention the joyful quest to find the perfect bobblehead.

This spot is just one of many of our fantastic collaborations with RESET Content, which you can find here. Check out the behind-the-scenes images below!