A hello from El Chico National Park’s residents

There’s no shortage of amazing locations to shoot at in and around Mexico City.

One of our recent favorites? El Chico National Park. Located outside of Mexico City, we recently headed to El Chico National Park with Epoch Films to shoot a spot that’s set to air at the Super Bowl.

The location fee was in the form of a donation to El Chico, and we got to see the results of our contribution earlier this month, when the staff over at the park sent us images of some animals seen using the Wildlife Monitoring Program—an imaging tool that is used to study and keep an eye on the animals. It’s been nearly 10 years since they’ve been able to allocate funds to the Wildlife Monitoring Program.

Check the pictures of a fox, armadillo and cacomixtle, below. Be sure to stay tuned for the EPOCH spot as the Super Bowl approaches!