MassiveMusic makes waves in Mexico City

The power of music to transform any film, advertising spot, or moment is universal—and there’s nobody who understands that more than our friends at MassiveMusic.

As a music agency that focuses on using music to shift the way people connect and interact with brands, we’re always in awe of what they craft and contribute to the creative industry.

Last week, MassiveMusic brought some talks and tunes to Mexico City, spending time to both speak about the importance of music in storytelling for brands at the conference, as well as perform two amazing DJ sets—one featuring Steve Johnsen—at Circulo Creativo´s Festival Círculo de Oro.

Paul Reynolds, MD from MassiveMusic London, headed a presentation titled “Dear Marketeers: Here’s Why You Should Stop Procrastinating on Music,” offering his own insights into the role music can play when it comes to creating compelling brand narratives. MassiveMusic also crafted DJ booth art that added some extra fun to the evening.

It was a great time spent celebrating creativity in and around Mexico City, and we loved seeing our friends from MassiveMusic!