Congratulations Martin de Thurah on DGA win

Awards season is in full swing, and we’re always thrilled to share the successes of our collaborators. Our current cause of celebration? Martin de Thurah’s second DGA win.

Martin took home the prize for the 2018 Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials with three different spots he crafted with Epoch Films: “Mad World” for WealthSimple, as well as “Machines” and “Festival” for StubHub. Each spot brings to life equally stunning and powerful stories in a way that is true to the narratives of both the WealthSimple and StubHub brands.

Earlier last year, we put our heads together with the equally-minded creatives behind the StubHub spots as Martin and the Epoch team shot in Mexico City. Both “Machines” and “Festival” are feats in commercial innovation, and we’re so excited that the spots have garnered the attention they deserve.

This win marks Martin’s second DGA award, having previously won in 2014 for two spots he directed the year prior—Hennessy’s “The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down” and Acura MDX 2014’s “Human Race”.

Congratulations, Martin!