A warm welcome to Biscuit Filmworks’ Aaron Ruell

It’s always exciting to forge new relationships with the directors we’re set to work with.

We’re very excited to welcome Aaron Ruell and Biscuit Filmworks this week as they shoot a spot for Leinenkugel’s, with Jay Veal set to produce.

This is our third time collaborating with Biscuit within the past year, and we simply love working with them, as each project has been the perfect mix of providing a fun and creative challenge. When it came to scouting locations for the shoot, we knew the setting had to emulate the scenery of a Midwestern American vacation lake spot, and we had some fun cheating this by finding a lake location in a near vicinity State. We’re eager to begin this shoot and can’t wait for the finished product.

Check out “Tandem,” a spot Ruell crafted with Biscuit for Mastercard, above.