Working with collaborators new and old for Dockers

We love working with creative partners of all kinds—whether it’s our first or fifth time on a project together.

Last year when Biscuit Filmworks , Clay Weiner , and FCB came to town to shoot a spot for Dockers, it was an exciting time for all.

We’ve worked with Biscuit Filmworks numerous times, as well as with producer Jon Messner and agency FCB, who was recently in Mexico for RESET Content’s Clorox shoot earlier this month. It was our first time working with Biscuit Filmworks director Clay Weiner, and the entire shoot proved to be a great time through and through.

From crafting a fake airplane set to scenes of taxis on the streets, the shoot took us on location throughout the sights of Mexico City to craft the fun Dockers spot, above.

Take a peek at the behind-the-scenes images we captured, below!