Mediating present and past in “A Dream Dressed in Black”

Part of what makes our business so exciting is the ability to work on a variety of creative projects in any capacity that we can. So when we had the chance to lend a hand in the making of a short film a few years back, we said yes right away.

Back in 2016, Chris Barrett of the directing duo Us—who’s a friend and collaborator of The Lift—asked if we wanted to take part in the creation of “A Dream Dressed in Black.”

The short was directed by Dan Sadgrove, filmed in and around Sayulita, Mexico, and is a beautiful tale that examines the power of culture and time.

The cinematographer, Kenji Katori, is also a frequent collaborator and very close friend of The Lift, and we were so happy to use our film production expertise to aid with rentals, communications, and so much more.

Be sure to watch “A Dream Dressed in Black,” above!