Tomás Whitmore shines for Aliat Universidades

We’ve been itching to work with Tomás Whitmore from the moment we saw his impressive work. In a recent spot for Aliat Universidades, we finally got the collaboration kicked off.

We got the chance to work with CineBuró, La Doblevida, and Tomás to craft the exciting local market spot. The inspiring and heartwarming commercial is an encapsulation of the spirit of all those who choose to study at Aliat Universidades. Serving as an ode to the determination and grit that education requires, the spot ends with a powerful message: when you’re at Aliat, anything is possible. In fact, the most important lesson you gain whilst there is learning to say time and time again, “of course I can.”

Watch the spot above and check out more of Tomás’ work here.