Cineburó captures the story of “Hard Rain” for Lykke Li

Music is more than a medium—it’s an experience that is simultaneously ever-changing and never-ending, especially when the story behind the song is told in a music video.

Bringing together musical elements that are rooted in reality, film has the power to elevate music in a truly special way—a fact that was made abundantly clear in the music video for Lykke Li’s “Hard Rain,” which is the latest project from Cineburó, The Lift’s sister company.

The music video also brought together Iconoclast and the director Anton Tammi, serving up an inspiring collaboration.

A true tale of creative forces working alongside one another, the music video was primarily shot in and around the famous Luis Barragán House, a true work of art that inspired and cultivated each scene. From setting up the pacing of the film to serving as a driving force in the development of the narrative, scenery was a major player in this project; lyrics dictated shots to further capture the essence of the song and locations in and around the Luis Barragán House opened up new ways for telling the tale. Whether they were filming enchanting underwater scenes in the pool or oneiric sequences alongside the lavish interiors, the setting and creative synergy amplified the energy throughout the entire project and helped cultivate a deep connection across all mediums.

Check out some photos from the shoot, below!