A view inside the world of The Lift

The Lift is full of storytellers. On the most essential level, we’re dedicated partners that put everything on the table to craft the best tale—whether that means seeking out the perfect location, facilitating unthinkable collaborations, or bringing together the final touches that add that magical component to a project.

This deeply rooted ethos drives everything we do and continually comes through in the work we put out into the world—and it’s an intrinsic element we aimed to capture in our updated reel. Highlighting some of our favorite recents projects, our revamped reel—which is perfectly set to “Trip” by SWMP—is a snapshot of the clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with, bringing viewers through the locations, showcasing the special visual effects, touching on the celebrity partnerships, and so much more. It’s a visual illumination of all the elements that make The Lift the company we are today.

We strive to capture wondrous shots featuring ideal protagonists and stunning locations that perfectly complement each other, making the end results extraordinary. There’s an endless scope of possibilities when you enter our world—a world where components such as fantastic locations, high quality special effects, and beautifully destined casting take shape regularly.

From music videos to commercial shoots, we like to view it as a look into our special creative world here at The Lift—our very own postcard from the colorful and creative playground of Mexico City. Watch the entire reel, above!