MassiveMusic brings M-key magic to Cannes Lions

The world of advertising can be simultaneously exhilarating and mind-boggling—a duality perfectly captured at Cannes Lions. To celebrate the festivities, our MassiveMusic compadres hosted an unforgettable event that tapped into the intricacies of advertising and encouraged guests to just let it all go.

Partnering with MediaMonks, MassiveMusic presented “FREE YOUR MMMMind,” an evening where advertising aficionados could escape the outside stress and discover the art of MMMMindful or MMMMindless living.

Part of a larger campaign, individuals near and far can go online and take a test that uses facial tracking systems and some pseudo-psychology to determine whether they are MMMMindful or MMMMindless.

Hans Brouwer, MMMMusic Meditator & CEO of MassiveMusic, spoke more about the genesis for the event. “Working in the creative industry? So many ideas, so little time to channel your inner zen. We’re looking forward to seeing our clients and friends FREE THEIR MMMMINDS and open as many chakras as possible. After all, our ongoing mission is to create a worldwide community around MMMMindful life.”

With incredible music and great vibes, the party was a night to remember!

Images courtesy of Marty Marn.