Making music video magic for Interpol’s “The Rover”

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of excitement when an album from your favorite band drops. That’s the exact feeling we have for the release of Interpol’s music video for their song “The Rover.”

From the moment this project entered our plans we’ve been itching with excitement, and now we can finally share the finished product! Working in collaboration with Viernes Media and director Gerardo Naranjo, the exhilarating shoot brought us all around Mexico City as we ventured near and far to fully bring this song to life.

Buzzing with a deeply rooted energy that is simultaneously fleeting and all-encompassing, Mexico City is the ultimate location to tell a layered story. In fact, the city has the power to tell a story of its own when captured on film, which is exactly what occurred when we crafted the music video for Interpol’s catchy tune. Featuring actor Ebon Moss as the protagonist, the video is a mixture of reality and creative storytelling that incorporates our city’s culture from start to finish. From the streets of downtown to shots in and around Sonora Market, Colonia Roma-Condesa, and the General Prim Building, every ounce of our city plays a role in the vibrant finished film.

The entire shoot was a fun time for all, especially for the members of Interpol who were incredibly excited to be working in Mexico. Be sure to check out the video, above, and some behind the scenes images, below!