Telling the tale of that iconic question

Got milk? It’s a question that conjures up childhood memories; a catchphrase full of cultural power and the genesis for our latest shoot.

We had a blast bringing this spot to life with director Brian Billow—taking the playful script and offering up the optimal space to create and explore the modes of storytelling.

The series of spots capture the essential childhood beverage in a manner that’s equal parts satirical and sprightly. In “Counter,” we see a situation that’s certainly not common: a kid walks into a bar—not the usual set-up you’re used to, right? Well these kids are here to decompress from a tough day of childhood realness. Good thing the bartender has their favorite cocktail on tap: some ice cold milk. It’s these types of adult situations made fun with kids and their trusty milk that color the entire campaign.

Tough day at school? Bored at the adult table? Commiserating over the trials and tribulations of class? The spots paint a fun and light-hearted picture of the way in which milk does just the trick. View all of the spots here: “Diner,” “Adult Table,”Picante,” “Saludos,” and “Jaque Mate.”

Get a deeper look at the shoot by checking some behind the scenes images, below!