From Our Friends: 24/7’s “Community Matters”

The creative community that we immerse ourselves in is full of innovative and unique voices that consistently put out fantastic work—pieces that inspire us and showcase just how special the industry is. This week we’re showcasing the uplifting Facebook film, “Community Matters”, brought to us by our friends at 24/7.

Centered around one of Facebook’s core tenants—community—the spot taps into the diverse yet universal meanings of community. From shared hobbies to quiet moments together, community is a term and experience that facilitates and creates connection, and the film aims to capture the magic of it all.

The project brought together many of our frequent collaborators: RESET Content, 24/7, Guillermo Garza as the director of photography, and director Diego Contreras—with such an all-star team, it’s no surprise that the film is so incredible.

We’ve worked with Diego on several projects over the years—some of our favorites include Reebok’s “Be More Human”, “100% Nicole” for 23andMe, and “The Vodka” for Stoli.

Be sure to check out the film above!