Henry Hobson heightens the Audi mystique

Audi doesn’t just make cars. They craft vehicles born from countless hours of dedicated craftsmanship, innovation, and a pure obsession with pushing the rules to create the very best.

Each and every Audi is a product of a relentless fervor to make something great—an essential element that comes to life in our recent Audi project—an intoxicating film called “Night Watchman.”

Directed by Henry Hobson, the two part film surrounding the A7 car brings viewers into a thriller-meets-spy scenario. Inside the sleek backdrop of a fictional top-secret lab, our guide inside the Audi world explains the incredible things he has witnessed; and he claims that what he’s seen cannot be unseen.

What has he witnessed? The unnatural, unexplainable, wicked seduction, and heart-pounding endeavors. In other words, he’s seen the creation of the A7. And in the process, he’s come to understand the maddening amount of work that goes into designing one of Audi’s most revered cars. But here’s the thing: they’re not done yet. For Audi, progress is never satisfied.

If the spot is any indication, this shoot was a complete thrill to work on—especially considering this marked our third time collaborating with Henry. Check out part one above and view part two here!