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We pride ourselves on the company we keep—that’s why we work with stellar creatives and leaders across our business, forming lasting partnerships that redefine what it means to connect, communicate, and create. From Mexico City to around the globe, our collaborative network is centered on a creative synergy that pushes our production craft to new heights each and every day.

Produced by David Reviews editor Jason Stone and JW Collective, CraftWorks is a regular industry forum for interviews and panels that showcase interesting and innovative production stories from around the world—celebrating craft.

The Lift supports this initiative as a founder sponsor.

Marked by a similar passion to push boundaries and empower each client’s creativity, the team over at 24/7 serves as our creative counterparts from the other side of the pond.

Their non-stop drive to create the highest quality commercials and content work is an essential element in our partnership, and their team of talented producers make every collaboration a success.

As our strategic marketing partner in the UK, JW Collective plays a pivotal role in expanding and empowering The Lift’s creative endeavors within the advertising community.

With a shared focus on the power of craft and innovation, we work together to forge new opportunities and forward-thinking production partnerships within the creative marketing industry.

Our friends at Cineburó are another fantastic reason why working in and around Mexico city is filled with so many creative possibilities.

Never afraid to embrace the unexpected, the creative studio and their fearless producers work to bring all sorts of stories to life on screen with a flexible and agile approach.

Based in Los Angeles, Funkhaus is a digital creative agency that works at the intersection of design, programming, content, and strategy, providing creative solutions without sacrificing style.

Funkhaus has been empowering our creativity since 2011, working alongside The Lift to cultivate and create a powerful digital ecosystem. From website design to content creation, Funkhaus bolsters our ability to bring our unique point of view to the world.

We believe in the importance of craft; and it’s that exact belief that led us to partner with Ciclope International Festival of Craft, which happens to be the sole international awards event that is dedicated to craft in the industry. We wholeheartedly agree with what they stand for and continue to support the festival as a platform for creatives all around the world.

Ciclope Festival brings together industry professionals to exchange knowledge, discuss current issues in the business, inspire each other, and celebrate work from the community.

Even creatives need structure—that’s why we work with Deloitte to strengthen our footprint within the industry. They use their market expertise to enable us to continually evolve and face challenges across ventures.

Deloitte works with many of the world’s leading brands, providing consulting, tax, and advisory services in order to help businesses of all kinds achieve results.

Compromised with reducing the environmental impact of our operations, we decided to work with First Climate to begin measuring our CO2 emissions that go into the atmosphere. That way we can start developing a sustainable strategy, doing our part to help our planet and battle global warming.

First Climate is a global provider that offers climate solutions for organizations, helping their clients reach their sustainability goals.