As the final days of 2019 are upon us, we would like to take a moment to reflect on what a great year it was for The Lift.

We welcomed countless creative minds to Mexico City, and to our new offices in Guadalajara, where we worked with incredible collaborators, we shut down streets, we found the best casts, searched near and far to find locations, we pulled late nights and early mornings, and we jiggered some pretty creative camera set ups. It’s all in the name of the game of doing what it takes to make spots for the world’s biggest brands.

We captured top female athletes performing for Nike, we explored space with Google, we celebrated the individual with Ray Ban, we got Abraham Lincoln dancing with Jose Cuervo, we empowered people to use their voice with Levi’s, and we found the beauty that is all around us with Macy’s, just to name a few.

Looking ahead, 2020 is slated to be an exciting year for us. We will celebrate our 15th anniversary, continue to grow in Guadalajara, and of course we will add our production expertise to many more projects. Stay tuned for updates!