We value all of our collaborative partners at The Lift, especially the like-minded individuals at Anonymous Content. A recent set of spots brought us back together with our good friends at Anonymous for a creative influx of visual storytelling that was nothing short of thrilling.

Crafted for the one and only Sonic Drive-In, the first spot is a gleeful experience from start to finish. Directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, audiences are taken on a carhop-led tour across the United States to celebrate the release of city-specific Sonic swag. The Lift’s Fuad Abed worked with the team to capture this colorful journey that is displayed through a lively diorama, painting a picture-perfect scene in its seemingly continuous frame.

The second spot for Walgreens takes on a slight tonal shift, this time bringing us to the facts of our current realities. Titled “Countdown,” the spot is centered around the imminence of the COVID-19 vaccine. Directed by Christopher Sargent, produced by The Lift’s Magali Sagarra, and perfectly narrated by John Legend, “Countdown” gives us a glimpse of the moments we’ll have the chance to revel in once vaccinated, utilizing the spectacle of daily life to tell a powerful tale. From scenes of crowded celebrations to those hugging loved ones, there’s no shortage of emotion across every shot.

While each spot tells a story that may seem unlike the other, our partnership with Anonymous Content weaves a narrative of continuity that’s hard to forget: when you bring like-minded creatives together, there’s no telling what’s possible.