If you had asked us at the start of 2020 where we would be at the end of 2020, we would have described a big fiesta, surrounded by our families, friends and colleagues. The Lift likes to celebrate, and although this past year did not go at all to plan, we are still closing out the year with many accomplishments to recognize, feeling stronger and better than before.

Despite the brief pause the pandemic forced onto productions, 2020 was a busy and eventful year for The Lift. For one, we reached a major milestone as we celebrated our 15th anniversary! To honor over a dozen years of delivering superior craft in creative and production services at home in Mexico, we started off the year with a digital redesign. Launching a new website at this point in time was a reflection of our expanded offerings, our producer-forward focus, and our ongoing vision to empower creativity through service excellence.

On the topic of excellence, over the past few years, we have watched the pool of talent at home in Mexico prosper into a formidable creative force. With production opportunities abounding across Mexico’s rich landscape, in 2020 we decided to officially apply our experience and extensive capabilities to expand into the local market. The Lift Mexico is a perfect union of superior craft and homegrown pride, offering unmatched creative services and post-production needs throughout Mexico. We have also been laying the groundwork to produce more large-scale entertainment productions, as well as create more opportunities to tap into the incredibly diverse population residing in Mexico. From casting to shooting in unique locations, the variety to be found in Mexico keeps us inspired and pushing into new territories!

And of course 2020 saw us facilitate a number of international, complex productions we are super proud of. We produced a beautiful story about togetherness for Coca Cola, we highlighted the art of the embrace for Zalando, we facilitated an epicly challenging Apple spot and shot a pre-Covid commercial in Playa Del Carmen for Corona, and we helped bring to life the Youtube Music Artist Spotlight on Banda MS and the award-winning Disclosure music video with our friends at Cineburó, just to name a few.

This past year had no shortage of challenges, and now that we have arrived at the tailend of it, we have reflected on all the ups and downs, and we are so grateful for all of the love and support we received from our friends around the world. As we look ahead to 2021, The Lift has a lot to be excited about. We are already planning multiple exciting announcements for the new year, so stay tuned, stay well, and have a drink and a dance on us! ¡Felices fiestas!