When Nike came to us in 2018 to collaborate on the first Women’s Just Do It campaign to be shot in Mexico, we were thrilled at the opportunity. So when Nike wanted to produce a second collaboration with us this past year, we were honored, to say the least.

Just Do It: Tempo De Ser Héroes was a spirited celebration of Mexican athletes, filmed all over our hometown of Mexico City. The spot pulses with local vitality, passion, and talent. Swishing a three-point shot and nailing a high dive look super easy, which is no surprise when you get to work with some of our country’s top female athletes. But behind the scenes, pulling off this production was no easy feat.

Our producer Fuad Abed teamed up with director Loren Denis from Superprime and Widen+Kennedy Portland to bring Nike’s vision to life, within a tight five-day shooting schedule.

“We received the original brief direct from the agency as they first wanted to scope what was possible with us,” Abed said on the genesis of the spot. “Since the athletes have such varied training schedules the casting was always a work in progress, but we achieved it and nearly everything went on screen!”

Despite the challenges, final castings were a home run. The spot featured Daniela Velasco (sprinter), Alejandra Orozco (diver), Nataly Gutierrez, Karina Esquer, Mariana Valenzuela (basketball players), Nicole Pérez (footballer), Dulce Orihuela (boxing trainer), Paulina Pulido (dancer), Mariana “Barby” Juárez (boxer), and Lorena Dromundo (downhill cyclist).

“This production was a tough one The Lift really killed and was able to put together something that was almost impossible to be done within that schedule. We love the results and the film has already 37 million (plus) views,” said Wieden+Kennedy Portland producer Mauricio Granado.

We couldn’t be more proud of the campaign, for what we helped make happen despite the challenges, and for the spotlight it casts on our city so full of talented, inspiring women. Watch the spot here, and remember, whenever you find yourself facing a challenge, just think, you can do it.