Adios 2020

The Lift looks back on a busy and eventful year.

Photo Gallery: The Colorful Commerce of the City Center

A look inside Mexico City’s lively City Center.

Celebrating 14 years of The Lift

Happy birthday to us! Next week—October 15th to be exact—marks our 14th year anniversary, and while we love reminiscing on our beginnings and how we’ve steadily set a new standard for craft in Mexico and beyond, we’re celebrating by focusing on what’s ahead.

Drink in the charm of Tequila, Jalisco

When clients come to us asking for a unique location full of sprawling fields, hometown roads, and a town with a historical touch, we immediately think of one place: Tequila, Jalisco. As one would guess, Tequila is the birthplace of one of our favorite drinks—but that’s not all it has to offer. With endless land…